How to Get Vacation Ready: Beauty and Fashion Edition

If you are excited about your upcoming tropical paradise vacation, then you may be ecstatic about the idea of curating the perfect aesthetic for your trip. There are several ways to prepare for your tropical vacation in terms of beauty and fashion preparedness.


If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in a bathing suit, odds are you want your body to look its very best. Therefore, you should adopt a healthy lifestyle leading up to your vacation. If you don’t typically eat well or workout on a regular basis, consider doing so to make your body look its very best.

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For your outfits, it’s all about the relaxed beach look. No stilettos of oxford flats. Instead, opt for sandals and wedges.

For clothing, consider long and flowy maxi dresses and printed flowy fabric shorts.

For swimsuits, feel free to embrace the bright tropical atmosphere around you and pack bright colored swimsuits with floral or geometric prints.

Other Essentials

Beyond prepping your body and packing the best outfits, there are so many essentials that you should pack to optimize your vacation experience.

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Some essentials include:

·    Dry shampoo: you probably don’t want to waste your precious vacation time styling your hair every single day. Instead, pack dry shampoo to clean your hair in between washes and allow you to better enjoy your vacation.

·    Bronzing sunscreen: The bronzed goddess look is a great look to have on vacation, but you don’t want to tan too much leading up to your vacation to prevent over-exposure to the sun. Instead, pack a bronzing sunscreen that protects you from the sun while providing a hint of color.

·    Sunglasses: a practical essential and fashion statement all in one.

·    Sun hat: great for keeping the sun out your eyes and a great fashion statement for pictures.

There are so many ways to prepare for your tropical vacation, and if you remember to prepare your body by being healthy and waxing, packing tropical-inspired outfits, and packing other essentials, you’re sure to have a fantastic trip.