Melancholy A Painting Alive

There is beauty in sitting in a dark room, contemplating the world through a window, feeling the slight difference between the darkness you are in, and the light the outside is filled with, though the difference doesn’t really exist in the eyes of the melancholic, who sees in the world the very ephemerality of things, the passing of the delicate minutes, the frail flowers getting old and dying as the days pass by.

There is beauty in trying to embrace the unreachable, the impossible. The tragedy of the melancholic is tied to the fragility of his limits, of her limits.

To be aware that all the fleeting moments are nothing but small pearls in a sea of memories…

To be a wave constantly embracing the shore, seeing in its imposing rocks a deliverance…

To be alive is a grey miracle with some hues of black, of white… Enjoy all the colors! Melancholy is a strange painting, a wonderful companion!.

Passing By
For A Fleeting Moment
For A Fleeting Moment
The Bits And Pieces You Can’t Put Into Words
The Waves
Fake Flower For You
The Wind Will Take It Away

Kawtar H


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