The Mess Of My Soul

She didn’t believe in love, yet she was a victim of it. Drowning in her tub, trying to cool down the fire burning inside of her; Sadness was more than a word to her, more than a feeling. It became her world, her reality and she very well embraced it. “How can someone be so cruel?” she thought, how did she not see it before.

The sad melody playing was synchronized with her heartbeats, she was breathing it.

She, a strong independent woman before, was left to nothing but shattered pieces of a broken soul.

And all for what? For the name of love? Was it fair?

There was only one thing she knew for sure, she didn’t do anything to deserve this..

And, I’m Sad Again
Sad Music Playing
She Smelled Of Cigarettes & Sadness
It Hurts a Lot
Damaged Spirit
The Girl On The Moon
Don’t Help Me, Please

Zineb Berrada
Text : Imane Eddeguesse 

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